Vasco Trilla : The Torch in my Ear

IZK CD079 - april 2018


Vasco Trilla : percussion solo




"""Elias Canetti, whose memoir The Torch in My Ear lit the flame for Vasco Trilla’s latest solo work, wrote elsewhere that “every completely unknown language is a kind of acoustic mask; as soon as one learns it, it becomes a face, understandable and soon familiar.” Like many improvisations, these solo works may seem like masks at first: inscrutable fronts that conceal the “ferment of the as yet unclear and uncompleted metamorphoses” that are expressed beneath. The music in these three performances seems self-generating, like languages invented as they are first being spoken. There’s a feeling of inevitability in the way each proceeds from a slight origin, unfolding chains of cause and effect, blossoming and branching outgrowths of sound whose beauty we can admire but whose secret meaning we fear we’ll never comprehend. But make no mistake: they are ferments of the masterful Trilla, fruits of a musical intellect that becomes more assured with each solo release, his performances growing broader in timbre and longer in time. To sit with this music, to settle into its rhythms and learn its inflections, is to become familiar with what is unfamiliar, to decipher the language, to see the mask soften into a face.

(Dan Sorrells, March 2018)""""